Three of our short films have been nominated for Annie awards by ASIFA-Hollywood, the International Animated Film Society. "Boys Night Out" (2003), "Agricultural Report" (2004) and "The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky" (2008). "Agricultural Report" animated and directed by Sydney Padua is still the festival favourite with over one hundred screenings and 10 awards.
Other shorts currently on the festival circuit include "Pirogues" (2008), "Donkey" (2009) and Head Space (2010). "Pirogues" was produced with our sister studio Les Fleurs Sauvages (Wildflowers) while several of our other shorts were produced with the support of the Irish Film Board, The Arts Council and RTÉ. The films have screened at over 300 festivals.

Completed Short Films:

Boys Night Out
Agricultural Report
The Red Ball
Charred and Feathered
Colour Contamination
The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky

2003    05:55
2004    02:52
2007    03:11
2007    06:52
2008    03:00
2008    06:35
2008    06:51
2009    05:30
2010    02:35


Short Films in Development:

Sheep Deprivation
Lunching (Writer - Elizabeth Reapy)
One for the Road (Director - Simon Riley)