Barley Films Animation Training Programme 2006

Barley Films artists and trainees with Mike Nguyen
(all looking suspiciously happy in the Irish sunshine!)
In the summer of 2006 we were lucky enough to have a visit from animation director Mike Nguyen from July Films. Mike gave a public lecture at the studio for over 80 Irish animators and then also provided our artists at the studio with a series of talks and tutorials over the following few days. The experience was very inspirational and informative. He was also kind enough to screen the work-reel of his charming feature length film My Little World on which he is currently in production at his studio in California.

Participants in the 2006 Training Programme:

Louise Bagnall (Ireland), Alice Bohl (France), Francois-Xavier Chanioux (France), Finbar Coyle (Ireland), Thomas Dircks (France), Padraig Fagan (Ireland),
Aine McGuinness (Ireland), Orla McHardy (Ireland), Eimhin McNamara (Ireland), Eamonn O’Neill (Ireland), Aidan O’Sullivan (Ireland), Aurore Sanguinetti (France)


The “Charred and Feathered” team present the
work-reel of the short film to storyboard artists
Fergal Reilly & Jack Hsu.

Los Angeles & San Francisco, California, USA
In the late summer of 2006 several artists from the studio visited Los Angeles and San Francisco to meet with a number of animation professionals working at major studios in the area. There we had the opportunity to present our current projects to them for their review. These artists included:

Richie Baneham, Dave Brewster & Wendy Perdue, Mark Farquhar,
Robert Fox, Stephan Franck, Sue & Eric Goldberg,
Jack Hsu & Fergal Reilly, Jennifer Cardon Klein and Bert Klein,
Teddy Newton, Mike Nguyen & Peter Sohn

We greatly appreciate the time they took from their schedules to meet with us and share their experience. They provided us with some thoughtful animation and filmmaking advice as well as insights into their own working methods.