Barley Films Autumn Programme 2008

mike nguyen

Aidan, Padraig, Mike Nguyen from July Films and Eimhin

Los Angeles & Emeryville, California, USA
We completed our third Animation Training Programme in the USA with Padraig Fagan, Eimhin McNamara and Aidan O'Sullivan from our animation team. These artists had the opportunity to visit Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, Warner Bros. and July Films and speak at length with the animation artists working there.

We also attended a screening of the new Irish animated feature The Secret of Kells (Cartoon Saloon) at the Directors Guild of America which was preceded by our short film "The Rooster, the Crocodile and the Night Sky" as part of the SDGI Finders Series.

We also made a presentation regarding our short films to the students in the animation programme at Cal State University Northridge. Thanks to Mark Farquhar for inviting us to share our work with his students.

Once again we would like to thank those who continue to help make these trips a success and for being so generous with their time and advice:

Andy Beall, Mark Farquhar, Stephan Franck, Sue & Eric Goldberg, Caroline Hu, Bert Klein, Jennifer Cardon-Klein, Mike Nguyen, Shane Prigmore, Fergal Reilly, Jason Ryan & Peter Sohn.