Barley Films animation studio was established in 2002 to produce original animated films in Ireland. Over the past few years we have produced ten animated shorts that have screened widely on the international festival circuit. We are currently in pre-production on our first full-length animated feature film “Little Caribou”.
Short Films
We are really excited by the opportunities for artistic expression that the short film format offers. We have also found that it is often an excellent means of developing the filmmaking skills of our creative team for use on longer form projects. With both of these considerations in mind, we will continue to make short films a priority at the studio in parallel with our feature film productions.
We strive to set high standards for ourselves in our work at the studio and so provide training resources and opportunities for our artists and management to improve their skills. This is achieved through various master-classes and tutorials with experienced members of the international animation community. We have also provided in-house training opportunities for over fifty animation students from a variety of countries since 2004. Several of these trainees have subsequently gone on to join the artistic team at the studio.
Contact Details
Barry O'Donoghue, Tel. 353-1-289-9224, info@barleyfilms.net

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