Little Caribou (Animated Feature, 75 minutes, in production)

Little Caribou is a small girl with a big imagination. When her husky pup Tromso is snatched by Ice Goblins her brother Soema and their feisty Grandmother Nano assume her story is just another of her many daydreams. So that night she sneaks out across the ice fields on her own to rescue him.

When she finds Tromso held deep inside the mysterious Goblin Iceberg the daunting scale of her rescue mission becomes clear - her dog is not the only animal that the Ice Goblins have collected. But unbeknownst to her they have been waiting for just one more 'guest' before departing - a human child!

And so begins a race against time for Nano and Soema to catch up with Little Caribou before the iceberg leaves their bay and she is lost to them forever.

Written & Directed by Barry O'Donoghue

Original Music by Cathy Davey

Voices by Emthe Skandfer-Solskinnsbakk & Erle Solskinnsbakk-Skandfer

Art Direction by Ciaran Duffy